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Apptio CEO Sunny Gupta discusses a recent article on how many federal CIOs are not earning passing grades on their FITARA report cards.


Apptio CEO Sunny Gupta explores the state of the cloud market in the wake of Microsoft's plan to acquire Cloudyn. 


As we close out 2015 here at Apptio, my team and I have been reflecting on the journey of the past year and are left with one unanswered question: Is TBM mainstream? What exactly is “mainstream” in our view? Well, there are a few leading indicators that a new software category is crossing the chasm from enthusiasts and visionaries to pragmatics that we’ve got our eye on today.


The relationship between the business and its IT organization has not fared well in recent years. To what can we attribute this shift? It’s not just one factor.


I am sure many of you have followed last week’s announcement of Concur’s planned acquisition by SAP for more than $8 billion. We’ve cheered Concur on through the years and in fact, Raj Singh, Co-founder and President of Concur, is on Apptio's Board of Directors. As I reflected on Concur’s beginnings, I couldn’t help but notice the similarities between Concur and Apptio – below are my thoughts only as an outside observer and do not in any way represent thoughts from the Concur executive team or my board members.


Today marks the public availability of the next major SaaS release of Apptio’s TBM (Technology Business Management) applications. The release contains significant new features that add functionality to our existing Cost Transparency Foundation and IT Benchmarking applications.


We are thrilled to announce Britt Provost as the newest addition to the Apptio family as VP of People and Culture. Scaling Apptio to the next phase requires adding key talent in all functions of the organization – the next set of people have an even bigger responsibility in Apptio's growth. Britt will focus on maintaining our high hiring standards by identifying and hiring talent who will raise the bar at Apptio in their function and across the company.


We’re thrilled that the hard work of everyone at Apptio has been recognized by for the impact we’re having on the enterprise. I’m not here to discuss the semantics of the word “disruptor,” but I would like to share what it means to us here at Apptio.


The business world can learn a lot from pro sports. Many of the techniques that Coach Pete Carroll employed in building the Seahawks are great learning moments for me in how we think about building Apptio.


We just wrapped our annual corporate kickoff – commonly known to Apptians as “Aspire.” More than 400 employees gathered at our Bellevue headquarters, many traveling from the east coast, Europe and Asia to align on 2014 goals, celebrate our achievements in 2013, and have a little fun competing in hackathons and guacamole contests. It was overwhelming to feel the energy and hunger of our employees as we embark on what I think will be our best year yet.


I was very pleased to see the brief profile on Apptio yesterday in It further demonstrates not only Apptio’s progress but also the importance of what we enable for our customers — Technology Business Management. Unlike our competitors who think the vital business processes that live outside of software are marketing gimmicks, we recognize that there are many elements necessary for success.


As reported in today's Wall Street Journal, we are thrilled to announce that Apptio has closed its Series D round in the amount of $50 million, bringing the total amount raised by the company to $91 million since Apptio was founded in 2007. Leading this round, we welcome a new investor into our ranks: T. Rowe Price.


Recently we’ve added a new member to our Executive Team: Carmen Cook who joins Apptio as our new Leadership Coach. This is not a typical role you will find on an executive management team of a high-growth software company. One of our foundational cultural values is to Develop Our People. We recently passed the 250 person mark and when you're growing as fast as we are, it's essential that leaders are developed at all levels of the organization.


So what could Moneyball and CIOs possibly have in common? Quite a bit, actually. Sabermetrics is the “the application of statistical analysis to baseball records, especially in order to evaluate and compare the performance of individual players.” While baseball decision makers have long applied statistical analysis to measure and manage their teams, the arrival of sabermetrics has fundamentally changed the way baseball executives make decisions. For budget-strapped CIOs looking to change the rules of their own game, there are several parallels to be drawn.


Yesterday, VMware announced its acquisition of Digital Fuel, and I wanted to offer some insight based on Apptio’s experience in the market and the direction we believe the market will follow.