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Remember the story of the six blind men and the elephant? In business, the blind men are functions like support, operations, HR, etc. The elephant? IT services.


Moving to an IT services model may be the most complicated thing an IT organization ever does. Why is the transition so challenging? Not for the reasons you think.


How long have you struggled with poor data in your quest to understand IT costs? It’s a question I’ve asked many new Apptio customers.

The answer? Way too long until they discovered Apptio.

In many cases, poor data has become a chronic malady that was never adequately addressed until they began their TBM journey with Apptio. Some common IT data deficiencies include:


More companies are adopting a service management model and transitioning to running their IT departments like a business. When making this transition, it is necessary to review and redefine IT’s service goals, measurements, budgeting, billing, and income margins to accommodate the new model. These four governing principles can ease this transition and ensure that IT and business are on the same page about the new approach.


My last blog post discussed how IT cost transparency aligns business and IT goals

I’ve seen how showing back the expense of some services to business units can dramatically change the way IT is perceived. 


Year after year, the total cost of IT is held constant or reduced in the name of keeping overhead costs down. On the other hand business needs grow more sophisticated and demand increase exponentially. Minimizing the total cost of IT doesn’t make sense; instead the focus must be on maximizing the value from IT.