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The rise of digital technologies has disrupted everything from the pace of innovation to the operating model, and CIOs have found themselves at the center of this transformation.


Is your IT organization using TBM to create value for your organization? We’d love to see your team celebrated.


It’s up to I&O pros to make cloud safe and secure, monitor costs and performance, and regularly optimize resources so that business leaders exceed customer expectations.


Brett Arnott outlines the 7 steps of IT chargeback implementation and the frequent issues organizations face immediately after deciding to move forward with IT chargeback.


The Royal Bank of Scotland is reallocating their run-the-business budget to grow-the-business investments through increased transparency into IT spend and value.


Digital transformation at Allstate has given agents, adjusters, and other stakeholders more efficient ways to serve ~16 million households. It’s also been the catalyst for rethinking the traditional role of IT finance.


More IT organizations look to low-code software and "citizen coders" to save money, reduce development time, and deploy customer facing applications faster.


The recent budget request suggests the federal government will continue driving adoption of technology business management (TBM) in 2019.


Amazon, Berkshire Hathaway, and JPMorgan Chase & Co. announced new partnership. The moral of the story: Transparency enables better decisions.


Gartner recently released their latest prediction for global IT spend in 2018, projecting a 4.5% increase from 2017 to a total $3.7 trillion.


The fifth annual TBM Council Awards Gala brought together over 1,300 IT leaders to honor six organizations for their outstanding solutions delivered through TBM.


Has your IT cost management relationship become dysfunctional? It’s time to move on.


When you have multiple business units operating in multiple countries, maximizing IT investments becomes very important. This was true for W. R. Berkley Corporation. To realize economies of scale, the corporation turned to its centralized Berkley Technology Services (BTS) group to streamline IT functions and vendor management processes.


In light of cloud’s growing impact on IT, we’ve rounded up five recent reports from Forrester, McKinsey and other industry leaders to help you answer important questions.


Subway Digital is reorienting around a standardized IT financial view that instills executive confidence in digital business initiatives.