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For operations, serverless computing reduces the hassle of managing infrastructure, allowing developers to focus elsewhere. But the concept is not sitting well with DevOps teams who fear a loss of control.


Mike Kelly, CIO at Red Hat, talks innovation battle scars, good cloud hygiene, and why it’s never been a better time to be an IT leader.


The problem with AI privacy is not primarily about the algorithms. The real problem is with the data and how companies use it, and forcing AI algorithms to be transparent won't help that.


Philip Armstrong, CIO at Great-West Life, talks bot takeover, the AI skills you need now, and why agile fails at scale.


Paul Chapman, CIO at Box, talks digital disruption, AI, and how incumbent companies can move from old to new.


A simple but powerful question drives IT leaders today: how do you drive more business value?


Julia Davis, CIO at Aflac, talks modern IT skill sets and the educational partnerships CIOs need to foster to ensure the next generation has them.


IT cost transparency inevitably leads to this question: Where does our IT spend on ‘x’ position us relative to our peers?


Rhonda Gass, CIO at Stanley Black & Decker, talks Industry 4.0, data lakes, and why context is everything.


I suspect most people working in IT and Finance are at least a little bit OCD.

I’ve worked across both these disciplines for nearly twenty years and certainly exhibit some of these characteristics from time to time. I could argue these are two professions where the details really matter. Things are either correct or they’re not. So I should feel justified demanding a higher attention to detail both from myself and from those around me, right?


IT success is more about changing than "doing." See how Exelon IT is changing its approach to deliver an estimated $150M+ in run-rate savings by year's end.


A new IBM study shares comprehensive insights from the global C-suite. Takeaway? What's required for success today is a stomach for perpetual reinvention.


Project run costs can represent a significant chunk of your future operational budget. Not planning for these costs guarantees unwelcome surprises for the business.


On February 2, Mark Jancola assumed the leadership helm at Digital Fuel. Hear why Apptio's lead engineer is a great choice to help these two companies join forces.


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