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Knowing where you fall in the TBM maturity spectrum helps identify opportunities for greater impact. Our 5-minute assessment makes it easy to gauge your progress.


Many CIOs function without an integrated view of IT project and service portfolios. To understand TCO and business value, these interlocking portfolios are key.


RightScale’s 6th annual State of the Cloud report cites several new trends, including a renewed focus among enterprises on optimizing cloud costs.


Lowering the business risk associated with disruption is a big advantage of cloud. But cloud costs quickly become an issue if you don't have control of your spend.


Digital transformation means different things to different people. The CIO is uniquely positioned to ensure digital initiatives support enterprise-wide strategies.


Next generation Bill of IT automates a customizable email invoice, enabling business owners to optimize investments and influence consumption of IT services.


Nearly 1/3 of IT leaders spend 50% or more of their budget on external IT services. The resulting multivendor landscape presents a challenging management scenario for IT.


If you are trying to accelerate a transformation in your IT organization, you've likely found that it's the organizational challenges, not technical ones, holding you back. How do you get IT staff, lines of business leaders and your C-suite on board when the destination is outside their comfort zone? Come listen to how AOL CIO James LaPlaine used Apptio data to make his business case.

12/19/16 highlights 8 CIOs who've embraced market changes, adopting digital strategies to deliver business-integrated IT innovation at a much faster, more agile pace.


A KPI for IT isn’t of much value unless business units, organizations, and internal operations can use it to lower costs and improve performance.


At TBMC16, Bharat Amin, VP/CIO of Newport News Shipbuilding, shared his approach to IT innovation in a tightly regulated environment.


Competition was fierce as TBM Council award finalists shared stories of empowerment and innovation that truly embody TBM. We congratulate the six winners!


Rob Carter, EVP and CIO at FedEx, opened the 2016 TBMC Conference with an inspiring keynote address about seeking the edge in your business.


A TBM Council case study on Kaiser Permanente illustrates how benchmarking can change the dynamic from "we're just spending money" to "we're managing what we do."


What does it mean to manage the business of IT? Take a look at 7 best practices IT leaders follow to create real value for the business.