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Ferguson's IT department introduced TBM and Apptio just 12 months ago and today, they are changing the conversation with the business from cost to value. This empowers company executives to make informed technology decisions based on business goals.


The benefit of a closed-loop planning process is that IT leaders know when IT spend is coming and where it's going.


Apptio has garnered top honors in the 2018 Cloud Excellence Awards, taking Best Cloud Analytics Product in the highly competitive category described as one of the most important metrics for today’s IT shops—controlling the costs of cloud computing.


TBM helps Sysco deliver an all-in view of product costs that slash run costs, and helps it account for Agile/DevOps, all while increasing IT's efficiency and business-focused innovation.


As CIO at the GSA, David Shive recognizes that while the cost of innovation can be high, the cost of not innovating is even higher. TBM allows his team to be good stewards of taxpayer dollars, balancing risks with scalable rewards.


As the CIO role becomes more strategic, successful IT leaders focus more on revenue generation than inward-facing activities. Those who shift from “keeping the lights on” to creating real value for the business are the ones that help their companies eclipse competitors.


Prior to TBM and Apptio, Fidelity International was committed to managing cost recovery and influencing behavior via chargeback. But a lack of accurate and up-to-date data created a black hole in IT for costs and accountability.


It's hard to overemphasize the nature and impact of change brought by Agile. It changes the very way teams work—the way they think about, predict, estimate, decision, and measure the work. It’s all different, and it all benefits from TBM.


TBM applications that leverage machine learning have the capability to unlock tremendous insights stored in terabytes of disparate financial, reference, and operational data.


Avoiding headcount allocations that don’t align to business priorities is a surefire way to maximize IT dollars. Hear how to make defensible calculations that inform IT staffing decisions.


The IT cost savings generated by Gerry Imhoff at Maritz are fuel for growing the business. Hear how this CIO is able to draw straight lines between IT's efforts and company growth.


Parallel and complementary, responsibility center management (RCM) and technology business management (TBM) both focus on communicating value and providing levers IT consumers can control in a university environment.


In every corner of State Farm, the focus is on responding to market disruption. From the tech corner, Ashley Pettite, SVP, is focused on ensuring IT adds the most value and provides the best services to customers.


Tim Niewczyk, director of enterprise business technology strategy at Moog, talks IT financial management and why pointing the spotlight at enterprise IT budgets is key to finding the investment dollars needed to fund innovation.


Federal CIOs draw many parallels with private sector companies. Both are striving to keep customer and corporate data secure while improving top- and bottom-line performance. And for both, adoption of public cloud services is a top priority tempered by concerns about risk and cost.