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Kelly Copp from Great-West Life shares why stakeholder training makes or breaks your TBM program and offers 10 tips for better engagement.


For firms who must comply with both GDPR and US laws, the question is one of consistency: what set of activities must a company undergo in order to be sufficiently compliant?


Anil Cheriyan, Chairman, TBM Council, talks transitions, transformation, and 6 things IT needs today to enable a viable value chain.


IT control traditionally relies on a locked-down, impenetrable environment. But being more transparent with consumption data can actually make IT governance easier.


Bharat Amin, CIO at Newport News Shipbuilding, is leading digital transformation at a 132-year-old company. Here he talks vision, courage, and taking the long view of meaningful change.


With only so many IT bodies and so many hours in a day, low-code development platforms are filling a critical gap. The tools give business people the power to use data science to develop apps.


As long as CIO's look at blockchain as an accounting only tool, they’re shortchanging themselves. The biggest oversight is in not recognizing the impact of blockchain on the bigger market.


Carrie Francey, co-founder of Women in Cloud, once dreamt of being a stockbroker. Instead, today she's a global IT and cloud industry veteran determined to change the status quo for female tech entrepreneurs.


Over 30 CIOs and leading tech execs gathered in Williamsburg, VA this month for the TBM Council’s 7th annual executive summit. On the menu? Agile and cloud transformation.


Old school dashboards are challenging to interpret and don't tie to business outcomes. CIOs and other business leaders need AI-driven dashboards that can drive analysis and answer important questions.


Need a new source for innovation dollars? Check your over-padded IT budget. You might be surprised to hear the funds you need are locked in over-padded IT budgets.


One of the big AI trends expected for the very near future is cloud adoption, and Google is poising itself at the forefront.


Michael Allara, Chicago Trading Company's CFO for the past eight years, doesn't pull any punches. Hear why he's excited to see CIOs using IT data to define priorities and provide context for decision-making.


Gartner is forecasting the highest annual growth rate in worldwide IT spend since 2007. Managing these funds well requires IT leaders to strike a balance between analysis and speedy decision-making.


John Dancy, former CIO at CSRA, talks starting from scratch, a quick move to cloud, and fostering a culture that embraces risk.