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In just 10 months, CoBank IT revamped its planning process, eliminated unexpected variances, reinvented its service catalog, improved its relationship with the business and figured out how to self-fund innovation—all driven by TBM.


Since implementing TBM, Newport News Shipbuilding has significantly increased transform-the-business investments, leveraging trust gained through cost transparency and delivering services meaningful to the business.


Red Hat is growing by leaps and bounds and TBM and Apptio are helping IT keep pace. More service oriented and resource agile, IT is maturing its business partnership by creating connections between the project portfolio and business outcomes.


TBM helps Unilever ruthlessly optimize technology costs, enabling investment in strategic innovation and, most importantly, alignment to priorities.


It all started with a new chargeback model, but today, GWL’s TBM effort is about a complete reinvention of IT, fostering innovation, creating efficiencies, and putting the needs of the customer first.

Having embraced cost optimization, Morgan Stanley supercharged their efforts with the adoption of TBM and Apptio, realizing significant multiyear savings and jumpstarting their journey to the cloud.

Deutsche Bank IT is achieving cost reduction and efficiency targets with TBM. They've also been able to elevate business and finance conversations regarding the cost and consumption of technology.


It takes diligence, tracking, and pulling apart the layers of the onion to get the most out of your cloud computing arrangement from an accounting perspective, but it can be done.


With TBM, the TMNA Services IT team can show business partners the value they get from technology and why they, not IT, are in the driver's seat when it comes to cost.


As the US government moves its IT infrastructure to the cloud, new DoD certification means gov agencies can use Apptio's TBM solutions to manage this spend.


Four years ago, Blue Shield of California broke out of 'spreadsheet hell' and began the journey to IT cost accountability that changed not only how it spends its technology dollars but how those decisions are made.


Viewed as too expensive by the business, Maritz IT embraced TBM and Apptio to fuel a cultural transformation that increased confidence in IT, fueled cost reductions, and channeled savings to new initiatives.


After years of steady adoption, consumer support powerhouse Asurion leverages TBM's cost transparency and Apptio cloud cost management to quickly move over half of their compute to the cloud and shift millions into innovation.


Humans are the key element in preventing phishing. But AI (and its machine learning subset) is emerging as a powerful tool in IT's arsenal.


From optimizing infrastructure to cutting unneeded applications and renegotiating vendor contracts, UPMC is relying on cost transparency to keep IT costs under control as the organization expands.