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Yesterday I was deeply humbled to attend a meeting at the White House to raise awareness for the Technology Business Management discipline alongside the world’s leading public and private sector CIO and CFO.


The IT COST Commission report outlines recommendations that could save at least $5.8 billion in taxpayer dollars across Federal Agencies. Those billions could be applied to innovation and a more technologically savvy public sector.


Almost five years ago, when I was interviewing for my current role as CMO, I told our CEO Sunny Gupta there was one thing I wanted to see the company achieve: a data report aggregating the technology spending data flowing through Apptio. Today, that report is finally here and I am proud to share Apptio’s IT Economics Report with you.

I encourage you to read the full report for complete findings. 


We see tremendous potential for IT finance leaders to move from the tactical to transformational, and truly inform and impact the business. And now we have a pattern for this journey.


We see tremendous potential for IT finance leaders to move from the tactical to transformational, and truly inform and impact the business. And now we have a pattern for this journey.


IT Financial Management Week is coming up next week in Chicago, we’ll be focusing on the question, “What makes a great CFO of IT?” I’ll be emceeing this event, and hope you’ll join me and the TBM Council as we unveil the very first CFO of IT competency model.


Early bird registration is now open for the Technology Business Management (TBM) Conference 2015, and you won’t want to miss this year’s hottest event for senior IT leaders. It’s all happening October 26-29 in Chicago. I hope you’ll join us for the TBM Council’s largest and most impactful event yet. 


The votes have been counted and the winners announced for the Technology Business Management Awards: DIRECTV, Mylan, Nationwide Building Society, CME Group and the State of Washington.

A huge congratulations to this year’s five winners!


Enterprise IT leaders around the world are driving innovation, and in the process, looking for new ways to deliver better value for their organization. To realize these improvements, IT leaders are using new disciplines like Technology Business Management (TBM), to apply a set of processes, roles, and metrics to maximize the value from every dollar they invest in IT.


In the past few weeks, we’ve seen an influx of validation from industry leaders and influencers like FORTUNE, the Harvard Business Review (HBR), and Gartner that I wanted to share today as further proof of Apptio’s positive market momentum.


Modern IT leaders are reinventing themselves with a new set of skills to drive technology innovation. These leaders are focused on delivering better value for their spend, while offering the right services, at the right quality, and the right price. They are driving a dialogue about cost, quality, consumption, and value between the IT department, the finance department, and the business units using language that everyone understands.
It’s this type of special leader that the TBM Awards were designed to recognize.


As President of the TBM Council, I’m excited to announce the speaker lineup for the second-annual TBM Conference 2014. We have curated an incredible group of Global 2000 keynote speakers and session panelists, each one of who are recognized as visionaries and innovators in the area of managing IT like a business.


Last week, I had the privilege of launching the TBM Council in Australia. This included the first TBM Summit, which we hosted with the support of our partners Telstra, KPMG, EY, ISG, and UXC, and an opportunity to address Australia’s leading CIO trade association at the SE-Corp CIO Strategy Summit. 


Today’s CIOs are at a crossroads. On one hand, technology has infused all aspects of business -- powering everything from product development to marketing, from operations to finance, from idea inception to customer satisfaction. On the other hand, organizations seek to optimize (and rationalize) the value of every resource expenditure, looking for “proof” that IT spending aligns with the business goals of growth, profit, globalization, and innovation. The issue is that CIOs are often not able to provide that proof. For the simple reason that there is no alignment between what accounting processes measure and actual IT services cost.


Companies now live in the “Age of the Customer,” according to Forrester. Indeed, customers have a direct relationship with a company in the digital enterprise. With the Internet and social media, your customers are in constant contact with your company. CIOs play a significant role in helping companies become more customer-focused.