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TBM for Public-Sector Leaders

Manage the business of government IT

Apptio pioneered Technology Business Management and is the premier provider of TBM applications

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Delivering Cost Transparency and Clarity

US federal agencies spend upwards of $78 billion each year on IT infrastructure and services. Yet until recently, there’s been no way to account for what that spending achieved for their mission in business terms. IT and agency leaders, financial officers, program managers, and elected officials have lacked a universal language that can translate the performance requirements of federal IT into the language of financial management.

Without this language, agencies don't know which of their investments are the most productive; legislators are unable to make informed decisions about future IT spending priorities and constituents don't know what they've bought with their tax dollars.


A Strategic Management System for IT

Apptio delivers a single, seamless approach to measure and report IT performance in business terms for government decision-makers. Gain the insights needed to align IT spending with legislative priorities, management objectives and mission outcomes.

Apptio’s TBM applications deliver insights into the cost, quality and value of public-sector IT investments through powerful business analytics. Mapping disparate data feeds across programs, agencies and missions into a single unbiased view, Apptio provides decision-makers with defensible data, bringing new perspectives of the full monetary impact of agency IT investments.

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Plan, Fund and Justify Budgets


Office of the CIO

Use TBM to comply with the Federal Information Technology Acquisition Reform Act (FITARA), including improving transparency to justify budgets.

Program Managers

Understand the IT cost and resources consumed by the various programs, and communicate the alignment of IT capabilities to the program value being delivered.

Finance Leaders

Public-sector finance leaders can pinpoint unproductive and duplicative costs, as well as simplify and automate mandated reporting.


Policy and Oversight Leaders

Policy and oversight leaders can set mandates that agencies are able to comply with, and they can have confidence that the reported results are accurate.

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Technology Business Management and FITARA

The Federal Information Technology Acquisition Reform Act (FITARA) provides CIOs with more authority over the budget, governance and personnel processes for agency IT investments by improving transparency and review processes. This will require more reporting and active decision-making.

Apptio can help. Our TBM methodology is derived from the experiences and best practices of hundreds of customers, and our partnership as technical advisor to the TBM Council, an organization comprised of more than 1,500 leading CIOs, CFOs and IT executives. The mission of these modern IT leaders is to shape and define the future of TBM. Hundreds of IT organizations worldwide, including more than one-third of Fortune 100 companies choose Apptio to calculate the true cost of their applications and services, including major federal contractors and agencies, global financial services companies, state governments and foreign government entities.

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Build a Strong FITARA Foundation

Improve your FITARA scorecard by leveraging private sector best practices and Technology Business Management.

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Accelerate FITARA Progress & Boost Your Scorecard

Better understand the total cost, utilization and consumption of Federal IT portfolios.

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IT COST Commission: Summary of Findings & Recommendations

Leverage these recommendations and accelerate your FITARA adoption

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Learn More About How Apptio Helps


Agency Managers

Get defensible IT spend data that will stand up to any inquiry.

Financial Managers

Automated reporting for simple analysis of IT investments.

IT Managers

Accelerate business partnership and strategic decisions.

Program Managers

Understand IT investments within a program lifecycle view.

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