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Plan Efficiently and Accurately

Align IT Budgets and Forecasts to Business Strategy and Priorities

Your IT plan should direct resources to execute your strategy. Instead, budgeting and forecasting can feel like an interruption to, rather than steward of, your technology business. At the conclusion of each spreadsheet fire drill, you’re left with yet another forecast focused on accounting categories rather than the resources, assets, services and other levers you need to hit targets and maximize value. Budgeting and forecasting with ad-hoc, manual spreadsheet-based methods typically:

  • Waste staff time and energy on version control and data issues
  • Cause accuracy issues, creating “find the money” scenarios later
  • Fail to inspire confidence that the IT financial plan is continuing to support the business plan

Apptio enables IT leaders and financial analysts to plan faster, easier and more accurately with standard IT cost categories, workflow and forecasting analytics so you can:

  • Shift focus from accounting process to analysis and decisions for value
  • Quickly adjust to changing business priorities
  • Improve predictability, accuracy and accountability