Cloud Migration

Early prototyping often turns into a full cloud migration without proper planning. Predict and avoid unexpected expenses, create accountability and accelerate time to value by building certainty in your migration plan.

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Build defensible cloud migration plans and optimize your spend

“Cloudability's impressive, intuitive platform, helpful team, and technical expertise helped us spread a stronger culture of cloud cost management throughout the organization.”

Pitney Bowes

Apptio Cloudability Shift

Cloudability Shift helps cloud professional analyze, plan, and track migrations to the public cloud. It connects on-prem costs and commitments to forecasted cloud costs and compares plans across major cloud providers – enabling your team to define the target end state that best suits your business objectives and build a defensible migration plan.

Apptio Cloudability

Cloudability ingests, normalizes, and structures cloud billing and usage data from across your public cloud ecosystem so that you can actively manage spend and consumption to continuously improve the unit economics of cloud service.

Apptio Cloudability Shift Rapid Business Case

Apptio has years of experience and partners who help companies ranging from Fortune 100 to small & medium businesses move to the cloud. Cloudability Shift Rapid Business Case helps partners evaluate and plan migrations for their customers.

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