If you’re headed down the road to IT Service Management (ITSM), then you’re probably leveraging the IT Infrastructure Library, or ITIL®. However, while many ITIL initiatives are benefiting IT organizations, they rarely deliver value the business really cares about. This is because most organizations apply ITIL with a technology-centric, “inside-out” approach to service management, when what’s really needed is a customer-centric or “outside-in” approach that focuses on business needs and outcomes. To achieve this perspective, IT must first be able to relate to the business in terms it understands using Technology Business Management (TBM).

TBM bridges the communication gap and provides the missing link required to integrate IT services with the needs of the business, maximize business value, and quantify that contribution to the business. This is achieved through a decision-making framework that relies on cost visibility and cost transparency to empower meaningful conversations between IT and business stakeholders. In this paper learn how TBM, when combined with ITSM and ITIL, provides a practical, applied approach for maximizing the business value received from every dollar invested in a services portfolio.

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