Healthcare organizations are constantly looking for ways to optimize the cost of services without impairing quality or access, particularly when it comes to technology. This is because most healthcare providers subsist on very lean 1-3% operating margins and preserving even those margins against inherent wage and supply cost inflation makes a healthy cost conscience no longer optional.
How are you and your organization approaching some of these common issues?
  • How do we prove the dollars budgeted for IT are correct?
  • We are using/trying to use excel to track applications and renewals.
  • IT is always asked to cut first because we are seen as a large % of enterprise budget without substantial details to back up the costs.
  • IT is seen as a barrier to the organization getting software due to processes, not a partner!
Watch this webinar to hear Shana Berger, Sr. Director of Technology Business Management at Children’s Health of Dallas, discuss key market challenges, strategy, lessons and evolution of TBM for healthcare.