Watch this webinar with Apptio and First Citizens Bank for an exclusive first look at Apptio’s new product, ITFM Foundation. Tailored for IT finance professionals, this product empowers you to align spend with business priorities. Learn how ITFM Foundation helps you make informed budgeting decisions, reduce budget risk, and have smart spend control.
With Apptio ITFM Foundation you can:
  • Eliminate errors and reduce manual spreadsheet wrangling 
  • Stop getting surprised by overspend after it’s too late 
  • Reduce wasteful padding that starves innovation funding
  • Be up and running in 8-10 weeks with zero capital investment
First Citizens Bank’s IT finance team shares how they used Apptio to reduce budget variance by 80%, accelerate the annual budgeting process from weeks to hours, and increase the number of quarterly forecasts from two to four.