In a 2019 Gartner CIO survey, trailing organisations cite insufficient funding as their major barrier to achieving their primary objectives, which is why optimising technology investments is high up on the agenda of IT and Finance leaders who struggle with: incomplete data, lack of insights into cost drivers and the absence of an integrated cost optimisation strategy or process.
Explore 5 examples where other companies have freed up funding for new initiatives and innovation:
  1. Underutilised vendor contracts - How Thames Water saved $2M
  2. Infrastructure & cloud optimisation - How Unilever reduced 50% IT Spend
  3. Application Rationalisation - Save millions in legacy costs
  4. Influence demand - How AOL partnered with the business to reduce costs while supporting growth
  5. Recover wasted spend from underutilised SaaS licenses
Watch to learn how to analyse, optimise and plan investments that will fuel digital transformation.