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Atlassian Leverages Apptio Cloudability’s Big Data Analytics Engine to Improve Reserved Instance Coverage

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“The power of setting your usage rate in Apptio Cloudability is that you are in control of the recommendations Apptio Cloudability provides, setting the trigger point on which you purchase RIs for your Amazon EC2 instances.”

Mike Fuller
Principal Systems Engineer, Atlassian

The Challenge

Building an Accurate Picture of Cloud Usage to Guide Smarter RI Purchases

Atlassian is an enterprise team collaboration software company that builds products for software developers, IT departments and business professionals. Its engineering team faced a challenge when trying to get an accurate picture of its Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) Reserved Instance (RI) coverage. Without having that picture and full visibility of its cloud spend it was hard to determine if as many seconds possible of a Reserved Instance term were being put to use.

As Atlassian went through an intense period of growth and its cloud infrastructure became increasingly complex, being able to maintain optimal RI coverage at scale was a key challenge. They needed a platform that was more than a reporting tool—they needed an analytics solution to provide the clarity needed to improve reservation coverage.

The Solution

Using Apptio Cloudability to Optimize the RI Buying Process

To maximize RI coverage, Atlassian needed to optimize their RI buying process with more than just default billing tools alone. They used the Apptio Cloudability Platform to create a “waterline,” or a visual indicator of where RI coverage becomes high enough to yield significant savings.

With a goal of 90% coverage on their aggregated RIs, Atlassian could use this waterline report to know that they were using as many reservations as they needed to achieve savings and feel confident purchasing additional reservations as their cloud usage scaled.

Determining the profitability of an individual reservation purchase based on its break-even point is a good first step—it’s essential to understand the fundamental principles of RI buying on this level. But in the real world, you aren’t likely to be faced with such simple examples. Chances are you’ll have many instances coming and going throughout each day, which means that in order to make the right Reserved Instance purchases, you’ll have to base your decisions on an aggregated view.

The Results

Achieving Optimal RI Coverage at the Enterprise Level

As enterprise infrastructures on the cloud grow and scale, maintaining RI coverage is critical. This cannot be done with over-simplistic reporting tools alone: a Platform like Apptio Cloudability is highly recommended to track cloud costs at scale. As Atlassian continues to grow, they use Apptio Cloudability and our collection of data driven analyses, reports, and automation to generate the right cloud cost and usage insights to continue running an efficient cloud infrastructure at scale.

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