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FT Focus Report: Digital Transformation is Changing CxO Dynamics

FT Focus Report: Digital Transformation is Changing CxO Dynamics

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Digital transformation is changing the economics of IT, but is this influencing CXO dynamics and strategic decision-making? To determine this, the Financial Times (FT) Focus partnered with Apptio to survey more than 550 C-suite leaders in technology and finance across more than 12 countries in nine industries.

Download the FT Focus report to discover how:

  • Digital transformation leads to greater collaboration but blurred responsibilities across the C-suite
  • To bridge the trust gap and ease tensions between the Offices of the CIO and the CFO with accountability and real-time data
  • Leaders at global brands embrace AI, reskilling, cloud, Agile, and de-centralized decision-making to move at hyperspeed and deliver value.
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