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As Exelon has grown in size and scope to become a Fortune 100 company with the largest number of utility customers in the U.S., its IT organization has had to keep pace. Adopting TBM principles and deploying Apptio has allowed corporate IT to deliver over $150M in run-rate savings by 2018. Exelon IT has used cost transparency to reorganize and retool into a shared services organization serving the company’s nationwide network of utilities with backbone IT services and technologies at a substantially reduced cost. 

Download this case study to learn how Exelon realized this benefits:

  • $100M in operations and maintenance (O&M) year-over-year run-rate cost reduction by 2018; $50M in project rationalization savings 
  • 98% of servers mapped to consuming applications and services 
  • 90% of storage mapped to consuming applications and services 
  • Using Apptio to optimize cloud spending and track consumption