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IT Cost Optimization Should Be an Ongoing Discipline

IT Cost Optimization Should Be an Ongoing Discipline

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CIOs and IT leaders are aware of the need for cost optimization – and are attempting it as best they can – but there’s also insufficient awareness around the reality of cost optimization as a discipline rather than a one-off action. When cost reduction comes as a mandate from on high, it often results in reactive cost-cutting, which can do more harm than good.

According to Gartner, “the key to sustainable IT cost optimization has less to do with who develops a great cost-savings idea, but rather more to do with effectively managing IT cost optimization”. Developing a sustainable, proactive, and ongoing discipline that’s practiced throughout the IT organization is the best way to maximize the benefits of cost optimization.

Download the report from Gartner and we believe you will learn:

  • Why CIOs need to institutionalize cost optimization efforts as an ongoing program, and acculturate it throughout the business
  • The importance of setting targets for enterprise IT spending that maintain business processes while also agreeing on innovation investments
  • How to establish cost optimization teams that bring together IT leaders and business unit leaders

Attribution: Gartner IT Cost Optimization Should Be an Ongoing Discipline, 21 August 2018, Jim McGittigan, Sanil Solanki, Cesar Lozada

IT Cost Optimization Should Be an Ongoing Discipline

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