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Apptio Cloudability

Apptio Cloudability is the most powerful cloud financial management and operations (FinOps) platform that helps teams make intelligent decisions about cloud usage.

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Cloudability workload

Unify cloud costs & usage across multiple providers

  • Automate ingestion of AWS, Azure, and GCP data.
  • Normalize and standardize data to standard categories.
  • Track spend and consumption across apps and business units.

Get an accurate picture of your cloud spend

  • Drive a comprehensive understanding of multi-cloud spend.
  • Empower every stakeholder with actionable information.
  • Easily detect and view impending problems automatically.
Cloudability spending anomalies
Cloudability budget & forecasting

Drive shared accountability with business units

  • Allocate cloud costs to the applications and business units that consume them.
  • Shape demand by providing internal consumers with direct visibility to their cloud costs.
  • Empower app owners with timely insight so they can stay on budget.

Get more for your investment

  • Optimize with accurate recommendations.
  • Shutdown wasteful spending automatically.
  • Make the most out of your vendor discounts.
Cloudability scorecards

Empower teams and ensure compliance

  • Ensure resources are tagged properly.
  • Define governance policies to keep teams focused on driving innovation.
  • Benchmark your progress to build strategic initiatives.

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