Cloudability Shift
Rapid Business Case

Whether modernizing disaster recovery, shifting to digital business models, or enabling employees to work remotely, IT leaders are turning to the cloud for increased agility, reduced costs, and improved time to value

In partnership with leading migration consultants, Apptio solutions increases the success rate of cloud migration initiatives, enabling organizations to define a target end state, quantify the value of cloud transformation, refine plans conscious of cost and impact, and track migration progress against the plan.

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Successful cloud migrations begin with informed planning and a cloud-smart mindset.

Cloudability Shift Rapid Business Case (RBC) allows our partners to compare migration plans across major cloud providers – defining the target end state that best suits their clients’ needs. Our partners can then work with their clients to build a defensible, executable migration plan. Designed to enable informed, flexible migration planning, Cloudability Shift RBC allows our partners tailor their clients’ cloud strategy to accelerate migration plans while maximizing ROI.

Detailed Migration Planning

Before you migrate, compare public cloud costs and understand how timing will affect the cost of your migration. Then, easily develop your results into a defensible migration plan.

Total Cost and Cloud Comparisons

Maintain a comprehensive TCO and include defensible costs to benchmark success as you begin and progress on your cloud journey.

Migration Strategy Optimization

Your business and technology goals will impact which options are right for you. Build a migration strategy that matches applications to the best cloud infrastructure.

Consulting Partners

Cloudability Shift Rapid Business Case is purpose-built to run alongside a mature migration practice. Our global network of consulting partners makes it easy to build, execute and adjust migration plans as needed, empowering customers to maximize the value of their cloud strategy, accelerate migration to the cloud, and shift funding from run to grow.