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Apptio Agile Insights

Apptio Agile Insights provides business leaders in finance and development a unique combination of analytics to manage spend and track value. It quantifies the business value of Agile product development through a combined financial and work performance review; inclusive of productivity, labor & quality measures, cost of product functionality, and the impact of build and run spend on the total IT budget.

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Capitalize Labor Agile Insights

Maximize return on development investment

  • Adjust resource spend to focus on activity that provides the greatest customer benefit
  • Justify funding of current value streams by assessing feature throughput and costs
  • Inform decisions to improve development priorities by tracking feature delivery, backlog, and defect corrections

Optimize Development Effectiveness

  • Drive accountability for development spend and quality by tracking feature and defect cycle times and costs
  • Reduce unproductive work by surfacing and evaluating value delivered and backlog against plan
  • Inform decisions to improve quality by tracking defect rates, trends and costs
Optimize Development Effectiveness Agile Insights
Improve Team Utilization Agile Insights

Improve Team Utilization

  • rack capitalized and expensed labor, and identify labor capitalization adjustments
  • Understand team resourcing mix to best support new development, technical debt, and quality efforts
  • Track internal and external labor usage to identify areas of under or over allocation toward Agile initiatives

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