Las Vegas, NV. – Nov. 8, 2017Apptio, Inc. (NASDAQ: APTI), the business management system of record for hybrid IT, today introduced its new cloud spend optimization application – Apptio Cloud Cost Management (CCM). Within minutes of ingesting public cloud billing data, IT leaders can now make informed decisions about where and how to best deploy cloud resources across their business. According to Apptio’s aggregated data of customers tracking cloud costs, just over 70 percent of cloud users leverage AWS, 60 percent use Microsoft Azure and more than 30 percent have adopted a multicloud strategy. Apptio CCM serves all of these users, regardless of their cloud vendor mix.

Cloud costs are often buried in monthly billing detail across multiple accounts and providers, business units and teams. As a result, IT leaders do not have visibility into the total cost of supporting technology services and therefore cannot make informed decisions about the most effective use of the public cloud within their organization. They are also not equipped with the levers needed to reduce current costs and forecast for future costs. Apptio CCM changes all of that by providing insight into AWS and Azure spending tied to an industry-standard model.

“As organizations continue to embrace the cloud, IT leaders need a solution that allows them to make data-driven decisions about when, where and how much to invest,” said Apptio CEO, Sunny Gupta. “With Apptio’s new CCM app, infrastructure and operations leaders can accelerate their cloud adoption, while maintaining control and having the transparency to make the most of every dollar spent on the cloud.”

Unlike other cloud expense solutions, Apptio provides its users with several distinct and unique features, including TBM Taxonomy mapping. This provides a common language of cloud services across multiple providers as well as a fully burdened view of cloud spending based on industry approved standard classification of IT services (i.e. labor, network, security). With Apptio CCM, IT leaders can make informed, real-time hybrid IT decisions. When paired with Apptio Cost Transparency, users can view public cloud costs alongside private and on-premises infrastructure investments to ease future cloud adoption and make informed hosting decisions. 

Apptio CCM offers integrated AWS features to create a seamless experience for joint customers, including:

  • Visibility into Public Cloud Costs and Consumption: Rich analytics across cloud providers with cloud billing auto-mapped to standard IT service categories like compute, storage and database.
  • Cloud Tagging: Enable quality governance with superior tagging quality and completeness.
  • Reserved Instance (RI) Recommendations: Transparency RI inventory, spend and expiring RIs. Proactive purchase recommendations based on actual aggregated usage and consumption.
  • Integration with AWS Trusted Advisor: Within Apptio, users receive real-time guidance to help provision their resources following AWS best practices.


Apptio CCM is available today directly from Apptio and is coming soon to the AWS Marketplace. AWS streamlines customer adoption of technology such as Apptio CCM via a consolidated purchase environment and integration with their AWS accounts, which have terms already established. AWS Marketplace SaaS Contracts simplifies the process even further by enabling customers to prepay for Apptio CCM based on expected usage tiers through contracts up to one year in length. Apptio’s cost is integrated into the customer’s AWS bill once they subscribe, resulting in a consolidated, easy-to-process bill.

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