BELLEVUE, Wash., Jan. 10, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Apptio, Inc. (NASDAQ: APTI), the leading provider of cloud-based Technology Business Management (TBM) software, today introduced the next generation of its Bill of IT application. With it, IT leaders can now showcase the services provided to their business partners and demonstrate their value across both traditional and cloud-only environments. By reliably automating IT cost showback and chargeback activities, Apptio's Bill of IT creates defensible, transparent and easy to understand bills for their business partners. Armed with this information, IT leaders are empowered to influence how the business consumes technology and divert funds to strategic digital initiatives that impact the bottom line.

According to a recent Forrester report, How To Allocate And Charge Back Your Business Tech Expenses Without Screwing Up: "Get cost allocation right, and you can provide business leaders with insight into the tech spending that runs their business activities and the ability to influence its magnitude and direction at low cost." In the new world of IT led by the cloud, IT's ability to both provide and broker services to their business partners at fair and transparent rates and provide choices is essential to their success.

Powered by the data from Apptio's Cost Transparency application, Bill of IT automates the creation and delivery of invoices for IT services. This next generation application now leverages the industry standard ATUM cost model, provides IT with the ability to set rates and prices for the services they deliver and delivers a configurable email "bill" to the business. Combined, these features help IT leaders drive consumption behavior by showcasing current, true costs alongside more efficient or cost effective options. The process allows for more informed fact-based discussions around IT costs between technology leaders and their business counterparts often resulting in identification of areas of efficiency or cost savings. Bill of IT users can either communicate the impact of IT support to the business via showback or automate the recovery of costs and fund budgets through chargeback.

"In many enterprise organizations, IT leaders provide their business partners with a monthly 'bill' accounting for the IT services used by each business unit. Lacking detailed transparency or defensible allocations, these bills often serve as a source of tension," said Ted Kummert, Apptio EVP of Engineering. "Apptio's new Bill of IT application solves this problem by creating a detailed, customized bill allowing IT and their partners to confidently collaborate on spending decisions."

To learn more about how some of Apptio's customers are leveraging Bill of IT to drive success and influence their business, read recent case studies from Swedish Match, AOL and Fannie Mae.

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