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BELLEVUE, Wash., May 23, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Apptio, Inc. (NASDAQ: APTI), the business system of record for hybrid IT, today introduced new business value metrics and analytics capabilities into its Cost Transparency application. Armed with this information, CIOs and their teams can measure and show IT's impact on business outcomes including customer experience, innovation and digital initiatives.

"Our team has been very focused on achieving business outcomes, not launching shiny new objects. By putting a spotlight on costs and measuring the benefits for the business, we can focus on the things that are benefitting us in a meaningful way and deprioritize those that aren't having a big impact," said Carman Wenkoff, Chief Digital Officer at Subway and current Apptio customer.


According to a recent joint report by Apptio and Forrester, more than 70 percent of CIOs are embracing a digital-first business mindset. This focus on business value has overtaken the CIOs traditional emphasis on the technical operations of infrastructure, networks and computing across the enterprise. Now, an overwhelming majority of CIOs, more than 80 percent, believe that in order to be successful they must continuously evolve to keep pace with rising customer expectations, changes in technology and growing competitive threats.   

As a part of Apptio's Cost Transparency application, these new business value metric dashboards allow IT leaders to frame technology services in terms of the business impact they are driving in addition to financial metrics. Business leaders, like CEOs, CFOs and COOs, want to understand the business outcomes like how technology services influence revenue, cost reduction and customer experience. For example, these executives don't necessarily care just about what their e-commerce site costs to maintain and support, but they are invested in understanding the customer acquisition cost or cost per unique visitor. Every company has the ability to tailor these value metrics to the activities that drive strategic value or shareholder price for their organization.

"Today, every company is a technology company and effective CIOs, regardless of industry, are forced to view their role in a more strategic and business-aligned way than ever before," said Sunny Gupta, Apptio CEO. "With Apptio's Technology Business Management (TBM) applications, IT leaders have access to change the dialogue of technology investments in context of business outcomes."

Business Value Metrics are now available within Cost Transparency, and more updates are planned for release in the coming months. For more information on Apptio's Cost Transparency application, please visit our website.

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Apptio (NASDAQ: APTI) is the business management system of record for hybrid IT. We transform the way IT runs its business and makes decisions. With our cloud-based applications, IT leaders manage, plan and optimize their technology investments across on-premises and cloud. With Apptio, IT leaders become strategic partners to the business by demonstrating value of IT investments, accelerate innovation and shift their technology investments from running the business to digital innovation. Hundreds of customers, including more than 40 percent of the Fortune 100, choose Apptio as their business system of record for hybrid IT.

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