July 05, 2009
Marc Andreessen, the prominent founder of Netscape Communications, and his longtime business partner, Ben Horowitz, are teaming up again — this time to spearhead a new $300 million venture fund, called Andreessen-Horowitz, that will invest in companies of all shapes and sizes.
June 11, 2009
Many employees don't understand all the business events that drive internal IT consumption and determine the cost of providing technology. But if you don't know what moves the needle on IT, you can't make defensible decisions about how to improve those numbers.
June 09, 2009
In a tight economy, it's more important than ever for IT to know where it's spending money. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas City brought in a financial analyst to help its staff build fiscal knowledge.
Network World
May 22, 2009
Eric Berg, vice president of product management and marketing at Apptio, a vendor focused on IT cost management and chargeback, explains how IT departments can reduce costs and protect valuable assets by adopting IT financial management practices. 
Network World
May 21, 2009
Attendees, vendors and industry watchers at Interop Las Vegas and Forrester IT Forum this week shared why automation technology could help IT departments continue to delivery optimal IT services without requiring a significant capital investment. In some cases, the automation technology is already present, but a look at process improvements could drive up efficiencies, said Evelyn Hubbert, senior analyst at Forrester Research.