July 18, 2011
Here are 10 things IT must learn to live with.
July 07, 2011
Larry Godec, senior vice president and CIO at Santa Ana, Calif.-based First American Financial Corp., oversees an IT budget of $100 million, half of which is pegged to infrastructure. When he was named CIO of the $4 billion global business in 2010, he made IT cost transparency a priority, if only to avoid another painful budget meeting.
July 06, 2011
Most employees wouldn't describe their IT department as "awesome." But Facebook CIO Tim Campos is hoping a series of custom-made vending machines that dispense computer accessories instead of snacks and sodas will help change that perception.
June 16, 2011
While I was interviewing for a job about 10 years ago, it became apparent that there was an incredible lack of discipline at that IT organization. Applications were deployed on the platform-of-the-day. No standards or strategy were apparent, and every question I asked about performance metrics was answered with, "We don't track that."
June 07, 2011
Apptio, a vendor of hosted software for information-technology management, has launched its Spring Release 2011. The new tool contains a number of new modules and platform enhancements. It is designed to help chief information officers and IT managers forecast demand for IT services.