September 26, 2017
A number of federal agencies are currently implementing the TBM framework, and the CIO Council and GSA's Office of Governmentwide Policy are reaching out to people and organizations in the private and public sector who have already integrated a standardized taxonomy for IT spending to get additional feedback. 
September 14, 2017
KPMG Australia CIO Craig Wishart says his counterparts need to start running IT like a business service and that the days of doing large SAP implementations are over 
September 12, 2017
Want to get a better handle on your enterprise IT budget? Apptio helps CIOs figure out where the money really goes 
September 01, 2017
With the widespread rise of technology, the relationship between the CIO and the line of business has fundamentally changed. To manage this change, CIOs have the opportunity to act as a facilitator of information. While supply is not always under IT’s full control, a CIO can still understand the total costs associated with all IT needs.
Government Technology
September 01, 2017
The Technology Business Management Program helps the state look at IT through a business lens to effectively communicate the services it provides.