Seattle Business Magazine
January 13, 2010
There are a lot of familiar names in the WTIA's list of finalists for its annual industry achievement awards. Seven of the fifteen finalists were among the Top 25 Innovators listed in Seattle Business Magazine's November issue. They include Apptio, Talyst, Dreambox, Gist, Amazon, Pathway and Pet Holdings. We've also done large features on many of the companies including Pathway, Talyst and Amazon's web services.
Virtual Strategy Magazine
December 29, 2009
Gone are the days when applications had dedicated IT infrastructure and operations resources, and owned the IT budget as standard operating procedure.
November 01, 2009
As companies keep IT spending in check, executives have to make some hard choices about what they can live without.
Puget Sound Business Journal
October 29, 2009
Just got done looking through Alley Insider's list of the most valuable Internet startups. And here's some disappointing news for those entrepreneurs hoping to create the next big Internet idea in the Pacific Northwest. You've got to scroll all the way down to number 57 -- that's right 57 -- before a Seattle company makes an appearance.
September 28, 2009
 Technology is strategic to business, but enterprises don't always think of it as such and have resisted applying BI (business intelligence) to their in-house IT operations. Furthermore, IT is too complex and constantly shifting for a standard BI model to work. The solution, Gupta reasoned, is a nimbler kind of BI that brings cost transparency to IT, so he started Apptio to create just such a solution.