The Wall Street Journal
March 12, 2019
Firms looking to boost digital capabilities last year pushed the value of deals in the enterprise-software sector to $182.2 billion
March 11, 2019
As all businesses ramp up spending on digital technology, Amadeus and JLT share lessons learned on how to manage costs and get more out of the IT budget.
Digitalisation World
March 01, 2019
In a recent survey Apptio conducted with IT leaders, we found that the ideal mix between cloud and on-premises infrastructure is 70/30. This is because cloud provides the flexibility to enable IT teams to focus more on innovation, while on-premises is a key baseline for certain mission-critical applications.
Built In Seattle
February 27, 2019
In part two of our series on local women in tech, we spoke to four more Seattle-based engineers who hail from the half of humanity that remains underrepresented in the city’s tech scene. 
Tech Radar
February 14, 2019
Any modern business knows cloud is the future. We are told over and over again of the need to embrace cloud to move at speed, provide scalable infrastructure, and meet the on-demand needs of customers.