April 27, 2009
In this eWEEK podcast hosted by Mike Vizard, Apptio CEO Sunny Gupta explains how IT organizations can get a handle on the real costs of cloud computing.
March 16, 2009
Tough times call for tough measures. Layoffs and cutbacks are rampant. Even if your IT budget is relatively stable, you will probably be asked to do more with less. But perhaps a better solution would be to do less with less -- to scale back on over-allocated services, curtail unnecessary capital expenditures, and clean house of legacy apps and orphaned software. This may be your opportunity to show the organization how it can save money using open source software, virtualization, cloud computing, or SaaS.
March 02, 2009
The tougher the economy gets, the better things look for Apptio, a startup specializing in IT cost management. Apptio's software helps companies identify IT costs and gauge utilization of assets--servers, storage, PCs, applications--with an eye toward efficiency. Because it's offered as a service with templates to help customers get started, Apptio can begin identifying cost savings within a few weeks of deployment.
American Banker
February 18, 2009
HomeStreet Bank, a state savings bank in Seattle, said it is tightening its management of technology assets and improving its return on investment by using an outside service to aggregate information from its disparate systems.
Puget Sound Business Journal
February 01, 2009
Times are tough in the Seattle area technology industry as nearly every other day brings news of more layoffs. From big players such as Microsoft, Attachmate and RealNetworks to small, venture-backed startups, the climate appears rather bleak. But not every company is cutting back. In fact, some Seattle area technology companies are using the downturn to grab market share and gobble up talent.