September 28, 2009
 Technology is strategic to business, but enterprises don't always think of it as such and have resisted applying BI (business intelligence) to their in-house IT operations. Furthermore, IT is too complex and constantly shifting for a standard BI model to work. The solution, Gupta reasoned, is a nimbler kind of BI that brings cost transparency to IT, so he started Apptio to create just such a solution.
IT Business Edge
September 04, 2009
When it comes to defending the value of the internal IT organization, far too many IT leaders don't stand a real chance. In a recent survey of more than 200 senior IT executives sponsored by Hewlett-Packard, nearly half said they did not have the necessary level of IT investment rigor and portfolio management in place to align IT investment decisions with business priorities. And with all due respect to the other half of the respondents in this survey, most of them are deluding themselves.
August 28, 2009
The digitized online information economy has moved IT from the organizational backwoods to the corporate boardroom, as a strategic player involved in most new business endeavors.
Upstart Business Journal
August 26, 2009 is tailoring its cloud computing services to make them more attractive to large enterprise customers. The company this morning launched a Virtual Private Cloud service, giving companies a way to migrate their IT infrastructure onto Amazon's cloud while keeping their security systems in place.
August 20, 2009
This week our focus is on some large corporations that are catching a ride on the social media cluetrain, in the hopes that it will bring them that much closer to the customer.