August 20, 2009
Technology media-types have given plenty of spotlight time to the likes of Twitter, iPhone apps and the latest casual games. In that environment, it can be difficult for anybody playing in a decidedly non-sexy industry segment like enterprise software to get any attention. That is, unless somebody gives you $14 million in venture capital funding. And one of those somebodies is the man who gave the world Netscape, the first web browser of any significance.
Puget Sound Business Journal
August 18, 2009
Apptio founder Sunny Gupta doesn't hesitate when asked what he wants to accomplish with his latest software startup. The 39-year-old entrepreneur just lays it out, clearly stating a mission to build a very, very large enterprise software company in Seattle.
August 18, 2009
Want to know how to raise a big round of venture funding in a recession? If you’re in the software business, talk to Sunny Gupta.
The Register
August 18, 2009
One of the problems with distributed systems (which was not much of an issue when a company had one mainframe or midrange box a few decades ago) is keeping track of who uses what IT resources so the cost of that processing can be pinned on the users and not the company in general. With the advent of virtualization on servers, and virtual machines flitting around like swallows on the networks thanks to live migration, matching up IT usage and cost has gotten that much more complex.
Wall Street Journal
August 18, 2009
In 2007, entrepreneur Sunny Gupta was cornered by an executive on Wall Street who told him about the trouble she was having with managing the financial side of her business. She suggested he build a company to help chief financial officers like her manage their company departments’  finances. A light bulb went off.