Sourcing Innovation
May 27, 2011
Earlier this week, in reference to an article on the SCRC site on The Supply Chain IT Investment Enigma and Hackett group recommendations, I asked what is the right portfolio view of the Supply Chain IT Investment. Given the laundry list of Supply Chain Technologies -- DM, PLM, PP, APS, SCEM, SRM, WMS -- that one has to consider; the dizzying array of hardware, software, infrastructure, and support options; and the difficulty in capturing and computing cost metrics and comparing them to industry averages, it's a good question.
May 19, 2011
Until recently, almost no IT industry vendor or analyst questioned the assumption that nearly all kinds of virtualization deliver quick, significant cost savings compared to computing only in the physical world.
Network Computing
May 12, 2011
Two software-as-a-service (SaaS) vendors focused on business needs have announced a partnership that will result in their products working together, allowing clients to use the results of one product as input for the other. The companies are Apptio, which provides products, such as software to develop cost models, for what it calls Technology Business Management, and ServiceNow, which delivers service desk functionality in a SaaS model.
May 11, 2011
If you want to know what IT tools and technologies you'll be using in a few years, it pays to keep an eye on startups that are focused on enterprise technologies.
May 03, 2011
2011 TiE50 Software/Cloud Computing Winners