March 16, 2018
MetLife has used technology business management (TBM) to give its business users daily data that helps them take control of cloud spend
March 08, 2018
Apptio EVP of People and Culture Britt Provost and Mikaela Kiner, founder and CEO of uniquelyHR, join the GeekWire Podcast to discuss the important question: How can companies and individuals in the tech industry turn talk into action? What can we actually do to make tech more diverse?
Thrive Global
February 26, 2018
Apptio CEO Sunny Gupta shares his backstory and why there's a need for Technology Business Management, as well as five key learnings from his enterpreneur experiences. 
The Register
February 23, 2018
Technical debt: we probably create it every day. It happens when you do things that might get you closer to goal now, but which create problems that you’ll have to pay for later.
February 12, 2018
Tired of not knowing where its IT funding was going, the state created a window into its tech spending that allowed it to better understand and optimize IT.