CIO Spain
July 10, 2019
The processes of digitalization tend to be streamlined and encourage collaboration and blur the boundaries between the different positions that make up the direction.
July 09, 2019
Digital transformation initiatives in the enterprise require CIOs to step up and be effective leaders for change, according to Financial Times Focus and Apptio.
Computer Weekly
July 09, 2019
Businesses reward bold IT investments. But CIOs and tech teams need to focus on communicating benefits of new innovation to the business.
National Technology News
July 09, 2019
he challenges of digital transformation are taking their toll on Chief Information Officers (CIOs) and straining their relations with other executives according to a survey which revealed that just 23 per cent of UK CIOs are aligned with their chief financial officer (CFO) on tech strategy. 
Silicon France
July 09, 2019
Intelligence artificielle, cloud et egde computing, blockchain, objets connectés, robotisation avancée des processus… Les technologies de rupture et la numérisation bouleversent les dynamiques de pouvoir au sein des équipes dirigeantes des organisations.