Implementing Enterprise Lean Portfolio Management (E-LPM) at Scale

To drive innovation and keep up with rapidly changing customer expectations, organisations invest heavily in digital and agile transformations. These often fail to deliver the desired results if the enterprise doesn’t place enough emphasis on the consistent alignment of business and technology teams.

Enterprise Lean Portfolio Management (E-LPM) helps align agile development with business strategy, with the goal to accelerate value for customers through the smarter creation of products and solutions.

In this webinar, we will discuss the transformational impact of E-LPM as well as a framework on how to implement it successfully in a traditional organisation by covering:

  • The benefits of E-LPM and its role as a catalyst for change
  • The common challenges organisations face when implementing, adopting, and scaling E-LPM and how to circumvent those
  • Real life use cases that trigger the need to change
  • Best practices for mitigating the cost of E-LPM implementation
  • Q&A


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