EMEA TBM IT Leaders Series 2020: Managing Disruption

The health, economic, and political fallout from Covid-19 will make 2020 the most challenging business environment for CIOs since the Great Recession.

The key to thriving in 2020 is speed—get insight into your IT spend, reach agreement on the next steps, and then act. Fast. The right action delivered too late can mean the difference between getting through the disruption or coming out better despite it.

Watch the TBM IT Leader Series 2020 on demand! Hear some EMEA CIOs discussing how they have, and are, navigating economic disruption surviving, thriving and coming out stronger.

  • Emerge Stronger: Actionable Insights to achieve goals with Apptio
  • TBM at Adidas and the Corona Crisis
  • Business Agility with FinOps as Yoox
  • Never waste a good crisis: new opportunities in economic uncertainty
  • Cloud management and FinOps at OLX
  • How to drive IT value in economic uncertainty at RBS
  • Accelerate the migration to clout to optimise IT costs and propel innovation
  • Make quick decisions and invest in resilience to drive innovation

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