Delivering Improved Customer-value to Accelerate out of the Pandemic

Firms that invested early in digital technologies and are customer value-led are on track to accelerate out of the pandemic. They are moving beyond just cost-management to focus on customer value delivery — becoming adaptive, creative, and resilient. Firms that are adopting this future fit technology strategy are growing at nearly three times their industry’s average. The journey to digital first is not new, but one that the experience of the pandemic has honed, focused, and accelerated.

In this session, Bobby Cameron — VP & Principal Analyst at Forrester and Sunny Gupta – CEO & Founder of Apptio — will discuss and share new global data to show how three primary drivers for this future fit tech strategy are enabling this dramatic success by:

  • Delivering solutions at scale and speed, leveraging third-party platforms for solution acceleration — through services like cloud, digital experience, and project to product transformation (Agile)
  • Enabling parallel work by sharing accountability for customer value delivery — across the enterprise, partner networks, and ultimate customers’ ecosystems.
  • Partnering for both commodity and co-innovation for  leading-edge capabilities


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