Accelerated Decision Making During COVID-19 to Manage IT Costs

The disruption of COVID-19 has forced IT leaders to quickly optimize their spending and adjust their plans for 2020. Leading IT organizations like Marshfield Clinic have already automated their IT financial management which has allowed them to immediately respond to the COVID-19 crisis by (a) identifying areas to cut and re-prioritize, (b) re-planning and re-forecasting their IT spending, and (c) quickly tracking all COVID-19 investments for technology spending.

Join Jeri Koester, CIO of Marshfield Clinic, and Apptio`s CEO, Sunny Gupta, in this on-demand webinar to learn more about how Marshfield’s IT leaders are managing through the disruption to accelerate decision making when it’s needed the most.


クラウドの真の価値を分析する必要がある場合でも、テクノロジー コストの最適化やビジネスにおける IT の価値を伝える必要がある場合でも、Apptio がお手伝いします。