VIDEO: RBS Drives Innovation With Existing IT Spend

The Royal Bank of Scotland, a UK-based banking and financial services company, is reallocating their run-the-business budget to grow-the-business investments through increased transparency into IT spend and value. By understanding where they get the most value out of IT services, RBS is able to shift dollars toward innovation to meet growing consumer and market expectations for digital evolution.


From back-office to revenue generator

RBS wanted to put the focus on customers and the employees who serve them. Key to this was embracing technology as an innovation and growth engine, not just a back-office function. With 93% of RBS’ payment transactions running through technology, gaining a holistic view over all IT spend was key to identifying where costs could be cut, freeing up spend for digital innovation.

To date, RBS has managed to use this strategy to remove 20% of IT’s annual budget, while simultaneously exceeding customer expectations for exceptional service.

Watch the video to hear how RBS is using TBM (Technology Business Management) to drive strategic business decisions.

Read the full RBS case study, How TBM drives business strategy at Royal Bank of Scotland.2

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