It was a busy first day at TBMC 2019—lots of fantastic conversations, shared ideas, and collaboration.

General Manager for TBM Council Jarod Greene kicked off TBMC 2019 with a clarion call to leverage the power of insights and encourage the TBM community to deliver a multiplier effect for finding solutions.

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Here is a recap of the main stage highlights, with some choice quotes.


The power of insights

Nikolas Badminton award-winning Futurist shared the trends, disruptions, and innovations he believes will shape the corporate world.

He set up the future with a strong dose of empathy. He asked, “How many have you presented data, and no one believed you?”

Judging by the nods of agreement in the room, quite a few.

According to Nik, the opportunity for change comes from taking the long-view of progress—we historically overestimate change over the short term and underestimate it in the long term.

”You don’t impact a million people’s lives straight away. It’s incremental. Our true calling is to create insights—and they change how we think about the world


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The insight of cross-functional partnerships

Intuit CIO Atticus Tysen and his team understand the power of leveraging accurate data to bring valuable insights that help the organization grow.

Together with Sharon Hutchins, Director of IT Business Operations and Gregory Moreau, Senior Finance Manager, Atticus walked through their team-centric approach to TBM, the importance of setting expectations, getting the necessary commitments, and starting before the data is perfect.


“We found things we weren’t looking for—and were often surprised. What are ‘non-working contractors’? And what are they doing?”

“Look for nuggets that demonstrate progress. Shooting for perfect (too early) will slow you down.”

Atticus Tysen, SVP and CIO, Intuit


“We transformed the CIO staff meeting to a one-day-a-month meeting with a live Apptio dashboard. Apptio moved from a thing on the side to a centralized part of our business.”

“Every month we invite in business leaders to talk about their priorities and listen to their challenges.”

Sharon Hutchins, Global IT Strategist, Intuit


“Most planning was in PPT—the future (!). We built our own tool. It needed to be simple to allow the right conversations, but it was cumbersome. We spent more time managing the data and ensuring the accuracy instead of accelerating insights.”

Gregory Moreau, Sr. Finance Manager, Intuit


The power of shared insights when driving change

Group Executive of Technology at Australia and New Zealand Banking Group (ANZ) Gerard Florian shared how his team is driving the next generation of enterprise platforms that will underpin growth, build strong and sustainable bottom-line improvements, and improve banking for customers on a global level through TBM.

“Insights drive change—and we need to push hard on the culture. Remember: stories are just data with a soul.”

“Shared insights are the power behind driving change.  Tech struggles to be heard.  We asked ourselves, ‘what do we have to add to the IT story so that our business partners can hear us?’”

“Step back and think about the broader change.  The key question: ‘How do we get more value in the hands of our customers faster?'”


Reaching the value layer of IT

Vice President of Global Technology & IHG Global CIO Chief of Staff Chris Burger explained the path to get to “the value layer,” its positive impact, and how reaching this level earns IT a seat at the table with key business decision-makers.

“Focus on cost and we forget about the benefits that we need to drive to deliver real enterprise value for our companies. Apptio and TBM drive value management.”

“You can spend too long getting things down to the penny while losing sight of delivering value.”

“Create evangelists for the mission to drive toward value.”

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