Apptio Product Vision: Now, Next, and Beyond

Apptio Agile Investment Planning
Insights and Action Plans
New Self-Service Analytics

At TBMC 2019, Apptio announced three new product offerings to support the new IT operating model.

Apptio Agile Investment Planning

Apptio Agile Investment Planning provides a unified view of traditional and Agile project investments to inform critical decisions, ease labor capitalization, track value, and optimize resources.

It adds agility to the financial model, aligned to how modern teams work.

According to a recent survey by Gartner, “Eighty-five percent of participating respondents said their organization has adopted or plans to adopt (fully or partially) a product-centric model. Respondents use the product model for an average of 40% of their work in 2018. That is almost double the percentage for 2016, and the figure is expected to double again by 2022.”1

Without a dedicated solution, organizations are forced to create homegrown tools to retrofit financial systems to Agile development activities.

These workarounds create a patchwork of challenging management processes for prioritizing investments, tracking value, optimizing resources, and capitalizing labor.

With Apptio Agile Investment Planning, IT and business leaders plan, prioritize, and track investments by integrating financial planning with work execution information from Agile application lifecycle management systems like Jira and Microsoft TFS.

This new application provides users with granular insight into the cost, staffing level, business priority, and goal of every project that can then be sorted by theme, product, or team.

This level of detail helps manage release trains over quarters, align investments with business strategy, and track value delivery.


“Agile Investment Planning is the first solution of its kind dedicated to the planning and governance of both agile and project investments. This new application integrates with and complements existing agile management software to provide an end-to-end view of work management and value.”

Scott Chancellor, Apptio Chief Product Officer (CPO)


Users immediately begin to break down investments into smaller units of business value, manage them in backlogs, and plan using roadmaps that communicate business value delivery over time relative to the financial investment required to achieve that value.

Validate roadmaps against an accurate capacity model supporting both product or project-based resourcing.  Users seamlessly push and pull data from their existing Application Lifecycle Management systems.

Users can get started in less than two hours, and Apptio integrates with all existing technology and finance systems through our Datalink feature with no special coding or database management skills required.

Apptio Agile Investment Planning is currently in the beta and will be generally available in early 2020.

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Insights & Action Plans

Insights & Action Plans automatically notifies users of opportunities for optimization, areas of hidden spend, variance from forecast, and more.

It will be available throughout Apptio’s cost analytics applications, starting with Cost Transparency and IT Financial Management, and provides users with intelligent alerts designed to highlight opportunities for cost savings, increased productivity, risk reduction, and improved data quality.

The scale of technology spending in most modern enterprise organizations has grown at a rate that is unmanageable by humans alone.

The average enterprise organization spends hundreds of millions of dollars on technology, often managed in spreadsheets alone.

This lack of a business management system can lead to pervasive overspending, waste, and no discernable business value across hundreds of vendors, cloud services, infrastructure, labor, and more.

Insights & Action Plans automates the identification and delivery of cost-saving insights to users.

This solution applies machine learning and a system of rules to users’ financial, operational, and vendor data, analyzing anomalies and identifying areas of redundancy.

Apptio then alerts users to these insights and tracks and manages progress made against them through Action Plans.

The first set of insights was selected based on input and validation from hundreds of Apptio customers and represent the highest areas of risk for overspending.

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“Today’s launch represents one of the most important advancements to Apptio’s technology platform since our founding.  More than a year in the making, our vision is to eliminate the need for our customers to ‘insight hunt’ within their data, one of the most pervasive challenges with modern business intelligence and analytics platforms.”

Sunny Gupta, Apptio CEO


After discovering each insight, users have the option to track and manage progress through dedicated Action Plans.

Plans start by assigning work to an insight owner, correlating the associated data with each insight, and automatically updating the plan once they’ve acted.

Action Plans track the history of each insight and project future efficacy.

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“Our goal is to continue innovating for customers who want timely and actionable information on their IT investments—we’ve unlocked this today with Insights & Action Plans.”

Scott Chancellor, Apptio CPO


Quarterly insight additions include notification of unused SaaS licenses, non-critical applications using Tier 1 storage, end of life on mission-critical assets, new development work on retired applications, and physical serves running non-production workloads.

Insights & Action Plans are currently in beta and will be generally available in early 2020.

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New Self-Service Analytics

Business, Technology, and Finance Leaders gain the insights needed to make critical business decisions without an analyst using new Self-Service Analytics.

Users explore and analyze their technology finance data whenever and however they want to.

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“A democratization of our reporting and analytics was the next logical step on this journey and a sign of much more to come.”

Scott Chancellor, Apptio CPO


Apptio’s Self-Service Analytics allows for faster decision-making and wider consumption of business-critical information.

Customers continue to ask for easier and faster ways to conduct their custom analysis, as and when they need to. With Self Service Analytics, all Apptio users create personalized reports of their financial data, analyze trends and anomalies, and customize reports and visualizations to share across their organization.

“I’m looking forward to Apptio’s self-service analytics solution as it will empower our users with more flexibility to build their custom reports and more rapidly answer business questions.”

Monica Braun, TBM Practice Manager with Marshfield Clinic Health System


Users query their financial, operational, and vendor data through Apptio’s product suite and visualize it in any of several chart formats, including bar graph, line graph, area graph, or table.

Visualizations are viewable (and shareable) within seconds.

Add multiple visualizations to a dashboard to create a single, cohesive pane of glass that can then be used to report on and share key data with stakeholders.

Apptio users create new reports or modify a copy of any existing report to accommodate unique queries or pivots on existing data.

Self-Service Analytics will be available for beta in December 2019.

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1Gartner “Survey Analysis: IT Is Moving Quickly From Projects to Products,” Bill Swanton, et al, 23 October 2018

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