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Futureproof Your Innovation

Trusted Decision-Making | Agile Transformation | Cloud Optimization

Mark your calendars for TBMC22 the week of November 7, 2022

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About the conference

Technology and business leaders lean on Technology Business Management (TBM) as their framework for trusted decision making, enabling new product-driven funding and cost-saving cloud and consumption decisions.

Join the more than 2000 of your peers who’ve already experienced TBM Conference 2021. Get on-demand access to the 16 keynotes and more than 75 sessions from executive leaders and decision makers on how TBM can help you manage the business of IT, establish standards, and Futureproof Your Innovation.

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What You'll Learn

Trusted Decision Making

Leverage actionable insights to connect technology investment decisions to better business outcomes.

Recommended Sessions

Agile Transformation

Adopt and scale agile across your enterprise, seeing value flow through the entire organization.

Recommended Sessions

Cloud Optimization

Create a cost-aware culture to optimize efficiency while bringing new digital products to market faster.

Recommended Sessions

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TBM Conference 2021 Agenda

The agenda for TBM Conference 2021 includes deep dives into Apptio’s product line, new features, and how Apptio’s products and services will help your organization implement TBM best practices. On top of these in-depth product overviews, here is a sampling of some of the discussions we have lined up.

To gain the most value from TBM, start by establishing the right foundation. The TBM Taxonomy enforces a standardized cost allocation methodology aligning IT, Finance, and the Business. Costs are presented in language each understands – supporting meaningful reports, metrics, and KPIs to enable leadership to make informed technology investment decisions more quickly. In this session, we’ll discuss the Taxonomy, what it is, how it works, and how it adds value to the budgeting, forecasting, and financial/variance analysis processes.

If you want to establish a FinOps practice or mature your existing practice, this session is for you. Join us as we dive into cloud financial management principles and share best practices for building and maturing a FinOps team in your own organization, featuring real-world challenges of building out a FinOps practice and gaining alignment enterprisewide, from your cloud practiioners to your executive team.

With over half of the average IT budget going to external service providers, understanding and proactively managing your vendor spend is more critical than ever before. But most technology leaders are not able to easily answer questions such as how much is spent, with who, and how that spend aligned to strategic priorities. Join us in this session to learn more about how ApptioOne enables a defensible single truth for vendor spend and allows you to identify optimization opportunities to stretch your vendor spend further.

Understanding the rationale and process behind the organizational change from implementing Projects to building Products. This session explores the driving forces behind the shift from Project to Product driven by Agile adoption. We also cover optimization of Product Portfolio Management, connecting strategy, innovation, and transparency using tools such as Apptio Targetprocess to help solve complex business challenges.

With labor being one of the single largest line items in any IT budget, making sure you’re making the most of this investment is critical. This includes making the right split between internal and external labor as well as where these heads are located. Join this session to learn more about how ApptioOne enables you to quickly assess and adjust how much you spend on IT-related labor, where it resides and what they do.

Most enterprises will have legacy applications to support even while undergoing a digital transformation, meaning waterfall and agile will need to co-exist in the same organization. Apptio Targetprocess accelerates agile transformation while being able to support existing delivery methodologies. In this session, you’ll see how Apptio Targetprocess can bring together traditional waterfall projects with agile product delivery to provide a unified view into all workflows. You’ll discover how Targetprocess can support your transition to a scaled agile practice while continuing to keep the waterfall projects going.

Over the last few years Kubernetes deployments have been steadily growing as a percentage of public cloud spend. This “cloud-inside-a-cloud” requires novel strategies to quantify its precise contribution to each cloud bill and even more importantly to split this spend up so that it can be allocated back to the business groups responsible. In this session we will explore how this can be achieved with Cloudability, bringing full financial accountability to this spend. This includes a review of the central role three particular Kubernetes constructs play within financial governance and how we can integrate Kubernetes related costs into broader cost management activities.

In a world that is increasingly multi-cloud it is becoming crucial for organizations to establish common ways of understanding cloud cost data and to bring financial accountability across clouds. In this session we will start by briefly reviewing the different billing sources, then look at handy ways Cloudability automatically groups cloud usage across categories such as usage family and lease type. This session will also explore your options for standardizing cost representation, such as currency and RI amortization, and considerations for achieving chargeback across clouds. The ultimate goal is to provide stakeholders a single-pane-of-glass view of all cloud spend, and we’ll finish up by reviewing a multi-cloud dashboard that surfaces the most important KPI and trend information

2021 TBM Conference Speakers

Phil Armstrong Headshot
Phil Armstrong
Chairman of the Board
TBM Council
President & CEO
Macanthium Ventures
Headshot Sunny Gupta web
Sunny Gupta
apptio logo svg - TBM Conference 2021 - Apptio
Headshot Scott Chancellor web
Scott Chancellor
Chief Product & Technology Officer
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Jonathan Desrochers Headshot
Jonathan Desrochers
EVP, Corp.
Technology & CISO
Red Ventures logo - TBM Conference 2021 - Apptio
Ravi Ohri Headshot
Ravi Ohri
logo freddiemac
Todd Tucker Headshot
Todd Tucker
TBM Council 2015 - TBM Conference 2021 - Apptio
Carollyn Gehrke Headshot
Carollyn Gehrke
TBM Product Manager
John Deere Logo
richard spalding bank of austrailia - TBM Conference 2021 - Apptio
Richard Spalding
GM, Program Devlivery, Financial Services
Commonwealth Bank of Austrailia Logo
Steve Poniatowski Headshot
Steve Poniatowski
Managing Director - Technology Strategy & Advisory
accenture logo - TBM Conference 2021 - Apptio
Toyan Espeut Headshot
Toyan Espeut
Chief Customer Officer
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Who Should Attend


Agile PMOs

Cloud Center of Excellence

IT Finance / TBM Admins

Procurement & Vendor Managers

Infrastructure & Operations

2021 TBM Council Awards

The TBM Conference also showcased the 9th edition of the TBM Council Awards. These awards celebrate the year's best implementations of TBM disciplines, tools, data and processes from around the world!

171107 0108tbmawards - TBM Conference 2021 - Apptio
The business didn't understand the value we delivered - IT cost too much and took too long to deliver. Our quarterly accountability meetings used to be 90-minute sessions, but with improved confidence and alignment on data, our most recent meeting was cut to 20 mins.
Ashley Pettit - TBM Conference 2021 - Apptio
Ashley Pettit
CIO @ StateFarm