Value Stream Management

Apptio Targetprocess Value Stream Management solution can be set up to support VSM at any stage of implementation and evolve together with the company, processes, approaches, and toolchains.

Apptio Targetprocess Value Stream Management solution can be set up to support VSM at any stage of implementation and evolve together with the company, processes, approaches, and toolchains. Thanks to the uniquely flexible Extendable Data Model, Apptio Targetprocess powerfully supports custom processes and constant process improvements. At any point of time and at any level of the organization, companies can follow their own target process (desired, custom process).

Extendable Data Model
Extendable Data Model

Apptio Targetprocess, as a software platform, enables:

  • An uninterrupted and highly visible flow of value across the whole organization
  • Process optimization by measuring performance and highlighting waste
  • Measurement and optimization of value delivered

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Enable value flow from idea to customer success

At Apptio Targetprocess, “value” is defined as “an idea iteratively developed into a viable and valuable solution which is delivered to an external or an internal customer”.

Value delivery spans all stages from ideation to deployment in production. The objective of value delivery is to enable customer success, so value delivery management is broader than value stream management and actually means a transformation of the whole enterprise into an organization centered around value and enabling the success of its external and internal customers.

Apptio Targetprocess enables such transformations and becomes a single source of truth for companies to visualize, measure and manage the delivery of value from idea to customer success.

Visibility across teams, products and portfolios

In Apptio Targetprocess, users can create and customize their own views (like boards, roadmaps, lists, reports and dashboards) to get the information they need in order to get their job done across teams, products, programs and portfolios. This ensures visibility from any perspective and at any level.

A value stream can be visualized on a board that reflects all the states of the value stream. Each work item can have a workflow, which means that a value stream can be broken down to smaller streams.

Visibility across the whole toolchain

Existing integrations and the capabilities to integrate with many external tools enable Apptio Targetprocess to be a single source of truth for an uninterrupted flow of value across the whole organization.

Native integrations with external tools support:

  • transparency above the team level
  • continuous integration and continuous delivery
  • product management, sales and marketing

For example, Targetprocess has integrations with the most popular DevOps tools like Azure Devops, Jira Software, Gitlab, Github, Bitbucket, as well as with the Salesforce platform and ServiceNow IT service management tool. For more information and a full list of integrations

Targetprocess integrates with DevOps tools
TP integrates with DevOps tools

Optimize processes by measuring performance and highlighting waste

Apptio Targetprocess facilitates process optimization by enabling full transparency and by providing functionality for measuring performance and highlighting waste.

Tracking and measuring performance

Apptio Targetprocess allows measuring development performance with such KPIs as:

  • lead cycle time
  • processing time
  • cost of delay
  • mean time to repair (MTTR)

And many other metics.

The reports displaying performance metrics are easily accessible at the team, program, and portfolio level. Thus companies detect and eliminate waste, easily define priorities and effectively optimize their processes.

For example, it is possible to calculate and display Average Processing Time per state across workflow states, predict Cycle Time for the work items, identify the bottlenecks and eliminate waste.


Measuring development performance
Measuring development performance
Time spent per state/value added time
Time spent per state/value added time

Advanced reporting capabilities

Apptio Targetprocess reporting engine provides advanced reporting and dashboards. It allows users to create various reports, including charts like line chart, bar chart, area chart or historical reports like burn down/up charts, CFDs, process control charts. Reports can be also based on data from external sources, for example DevOps tools, CSV files, databases.

Measure value

In Apptio Targetprocess customers can define and express their understanding of “value” and optimize workflows to deliver that custom value. Our Custom Metrics feature allows customers to use custom formulas to create their own metrics and track the delivery of value according to their definition.

Such metrics can be used in reports, for the calculation of other metrics, via Rest API, on the cards on a VSM board or can even be used by the Automation Rules engine to automate various processes.

"Custom Metrics
"Custom Metrics
Extendable Data Model
Extendable Data Model

Optimize value

With Apptio Targetprocess, companies can optimize value delivery processes and achieve desired business outcomes. To enable this, Apptio Targetprocess supports different prioritization models, such as WSJF, MoSCoW, ICE, RICE.

Goal management

Support for strategic themes, Objectives and Key Results (OKR) goal-setting framework and other goal management systems help to tie work/backlogs back directly to business goals.

Objectives can be connected to PI Objectives (or Sprint Goals) or to Work Items: Portfolio Epics, Epic, Features. This connection allows our customers to track the investment made towards a specific business goal during a defined period and calculate the value delivered.

Extendable Data Model
Tatical OKR & Goals
Tatical OKR & Goals

Automating processes

Our advanced Automation Rules Engine adds greater flexibility, enables cross-tool automation and helps to improve data quality. With Automation Rules it’s possible to improve workflows across different tools having automated actions based on internal and external events, reducing the manual effort for any Apptio Targetprocess user.

When Automation Rules arrived, they turned out to be a real time saver.


Apptio Targetprocess is an extremely flexible Visual Management software solution that helps organizations to adopt and scale Agile at any stage of implementation and evolve together with the company, processes, approaches, and tool chains. 

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