This year’s TBM Award winners showcase standout customer TBM utilizations across Apptio’s six pillars of TBM.

Financial Management Excellence

Winner: First Citizens Bank

The winner in this category will have developed an automated collaborative budgeting, forecasting and variance analysis for their technology organization.  This team will have demonstrated their ability to align their financial plan with business priorities and quickly adjust the plan as priorities change to reduce risk and capitalize on market opportunities.

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“We talk to our IT managers about the assets they have.  What are they being used for? Are they being mapped to the correct tower? This year we talked about assets that had hit the end of life but hadn’t been retired properly. We saved significant amounts in property taxes.”

Will Leaming Jr., IT Finance Manager


Business Value Realization

Winner: State Farm

The winner in this category showcases the business value of a well-executed showback/chargeback implementation. This should include the ability to shape demand for IT services and deepen relationships with the business units by clearly articulating their cost structure and offering more cost-effective alternatives to meet their business needs.

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“The business didn’t understand the value we delivered— IT cost too much and took too long to deliver.  Our quarterly accountability meetings used to be 90-minute sessions, but with improved confidence and alignment on data, our most recent meeting was cut to 20 mins.”

Ashley Pettit, CIO


Innovator of the Year

Winner: Credit Suisse

The winner in this category adopts a broad set of TBM solutions across the enterprise, optimizes technology spend, and fundamentally changes the dialogue between IT and the business.

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“In 2017, we were grappling with two issues. Capacity and investment in innovation and improving relationships with the business. We’ve been able to change tech leaders into service leaders.” 

Austin Murray, SVP Global Head of TBM office


Cloud and Hybrid Optimization

Winner: Pearson

The winner in this category must demonstrate the ability to drive innovation with a cloud-first approach. This team brings together technology, business and finance to master the unit economics of cloud to fine-tune speed, cost, and quality. Additionally, they’ll have developed a sound cloud migration strategy and continuously optimize cloud and hybrid investments.

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Investment Planning Maximization

Winner: Goldman Sachs

The winner embraces Agile practices to deliver software-based products and services that provide greater end-customer experiences and increase business value. They will demonstrate the shift from a waterfall-only culture to one that has adopted Agile methods, including capitalizing labor, optimizing development effectiveness, and improving team utilization.

Accepted by: Carl “Boe” Hartman

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Overall TBM Excellence

Winner: Department of Veterans Affairs

The winner is recognized as an organization that has put all the pieces of TBM together with urgency, speed, and quality—all to move beyond compliance and to spend justification.  

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“With TBM, we understand how we spend on IT. The TBM model gives us the ability to look at ourselves in an organized way across the entire IT enterprise.

Willie Gaddis, Executive Director, IT Budget and Finance



Vendor Financial Management

Winner: Pepsico

The winner in this category will have driven operational efficiency and excellence within their IT vendor portfolio—aligning spend to IT strategy and business objectives. The organization will have demonstrated measurable savings across areas such as strategic categorization and consolidation of vendors or contracts, proactive management of purchase orders or contracts, or ongoing optimization of their ARC/RRC commitments.

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Apps & Services Optimization

Winner: HERE technologies

The winner in this category will have a solid understanding of TCO for their applications and services. They will also have used this knowledge to drive a rationalization initiative yielding measurable results to the bottom line of the organization.

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“We expose data and underlying quality to the respective owners—engineering teams and others—who operate these accounts so they can manage their resources better and ingest it into our TBM framework.”

Bala Kini, Sr. Business Planning Manager


Lifetime Achievement

Winner: Kim Hammonds

Board member, investor, and philanthropist Kim Hammonds shared the crucible moments that have defined her career.

Kim is the founder of The Zoe Foundation – funding art programs for cancer patients across North America – the chosen sponsor charity for TBMC 2019.

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“It’s important to lead from the front. Do what others do and know what’s happening—dive into the data. Create a partnership with finance and business. Comb through the balance sheet—the data will set you free. Find x efficiency, reinvest y elsewhere.”

“Live with purpose. And live with the moment.”


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