Cloudability Extends Rightsizing to Google Cloud Platform

Apptio Cloudability extends rightsizing and termination recommendations to Google Cloud Platform’s (GCP) Google Compute Engine virtual machines (VMs) – thereby improving your ability to manage and optimize cloud costs across all three major cloud service providers. By covering the broadest set of cloud services, Cloudability’s optimization recommendations help enterprises maximize their cost savings.

Minimizing waste as cloud footprints scale

Provisioning and managing VMs as a part of GCP’s Google Compute Engine brings a set of operational challenges common to all major public cloud providers. One of the most important of these is making smart tradeoffs between cost and performance when selecting machine types for your deployments. In fact, Google Compute Engine offers unique optimization opportunities when making this tradeoff due to the ability to create fully custom machine types. However, without the necessary data and insights, VMs likely get over provisioned, and waste will continuously build up as cloud footprints scale. Similarly, without adequate visibility, there’s a high probability that some VMs become idle and rack up significant costs even as they deliver no business value. Getting visibility and building discipline across delivery teams to minimize this waste is an ongoing endeavor that impacts the economics of cloud initiatives.

Get the necessary visibility

After adding specific GCP credentials, Cloudability collects detailed information for Google Compute Engine virtual machines across your entire cloud spend and provides unparalleled visibility of cost-saving opportunities. Leverage in-built flexibility to analyze and group VMs across your organization in views tailored to your business needs. When analyzing individual VMs, review rightsize and terminate options side-by-side and explore recommendations with the familiar interface already popular for rightsizing Amazon Web Services and Azure resources.

Screenshot of Apptio GCP Rightsizing Recommendations

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