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Improve the economics of your cloud investments

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The Rise of the Cloud Economy

Public cloud usage is now a key driver of business growth — and a dominant component of enterprise tech spend. Tech budgets face increased financial scrutiny, leading to a rise in the adoption of cloud financial management and FinOps practices. These practices help organizations deal with the instant, decentralized, consumption-based spend model of public cloud. With cloud cost management & optimization and cloud total cost of ownership (TCO) solutions, Apptio helps businesses maximize the value of their technology investments.


Through 2023, in the absence of rightsizing discipline, over 30% of growing expenditure on software and cloud services will be unused.
– Gartner

FinOps: Financial Governance for Cloud

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FinOps is a set of principles, processes, and tools that drive cross-functional collaboration so business leaders can make informed decisions that maximize cloud value.

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FinOps Certified Practitioner - Cloud Financial Management - Apptio

Learn how to enhance business value from cloud spend with a deeper understanding of FinOps.

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Cloud Financial Management Enables Organizations to ...

Allocate 100% of cloud costs and integrate third-party data for a full TCO roll-up.

Supercharge cost savings and reduce manual effort by pushing automated actionable rate and usage optimizations to engineers and FinOps experts.

Track component costs against business outcomes and establish unit economic trends for key products to maximize the value of technology investments.

Cloudability: A Best-in-Class FinOps Tool

The user experience and in-depth resource tagging capabilities pushed Cloudability ahead of the other tools we evaluated. We’ve reduced the time it takes to analyze cloud costs by 90% and reinvested savings into more services that drive our modernization faster.

How to Gain Control of Your Cloud Spend

Cloud Financial Management (CFM) is a business discipline. It’s about gaining control over your cloud spending and making delivery teams financially accountable through a set of processes and systems designed to help you increase visibility into the cloud resources your organization is using at a given time.

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A cost-avoidance mindset combined with the need to modernize applications led NRECA to Cloudability.

  • Reduced infrastructure costs by 30% across the board
  • Reinvested the savings to provide additional services to millions of end customers without increasing the dues paid by NRECA’s ​ members​

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