Optimize Cloud Investments for Speed, Quality, and Cost

The events of 2020 led many companies to step up their IT games, moving mission-critical workloads from on-premises to the cloud.  Now more than ever, consumers are expecting seamless digital experiences, with interactions and transactions that occur in real time.

As a result, cloud migrations are among the top priorities for IT leaders, with Gartner estimating a 23.1% growth in public cloud spend by the end of 2021.  Cloud technology is proving to be essential to delivering on consumer expectations, but migration can be tricky and complex, especially if the right protocols are not put in place.  Moving from a fixed to a variable cost structure can put companies at risk of losing sight as to whether cloud resources are delivering real business value, but once visibility and strategy alignment are in place, cloud financial management becomes an ongoing effort to drive efficiency and maximize ROI from a unit economics perspective.

The main goals are to:

  • Ensure dollars spent are delivering the business benefits targeted through
    • Increasing productivity
    • Reducing costs
    • Improving quality
  • Articulate these goals across the organization so everyone understands how cloud strategy aligns with business objective

Read the whitepaper to learn more about how Apptio helps organizations address the complexity of cloud migration, giving them a clear line of sight to all their cloud costs to assist them in making sound, cost-effective decisions that are aligned with their business goals.