Deliver business value with agility and innovation

Agile planning and adoption often struggle to function using traditional project-based funding models. Constant innovation and successful business outcomes require an organization to find a balance between finance and execution and connect teams, projects, and investment portfolios to their business strategies.

For the 20th anniversary of the Global Agile Alliance Conference 2021 sponsored by Apptio Targetprocess, we gathered a group of experts from the industry to discuss why organizations need modern funding models and how to best measure ROI to drive alignment for better collaboration and business agility.

Listen to — Phil Alfano, Field CTO at Apptio, Konstantin Popov, Founder and Managing Director at Vincerion, and Rochelle Tan, Solution Train Engineer at Chevron to get an insight on:

  • How to get technology, business, and finance leaders to speak the same language and make informed decisions
  • Why organizations are adopting lean principles to deliver better value
  • The intersection of TBM and Agile to transform the business of IT


Que vous ayez besoin d’aide pour analyser le coût réel du cloud, optimiser vos dépenses informatiques ou communiquer LA valeur commerciale générée pour l’entreprise, Apptio peut vous aider.