Costs & Opportunities of Digital Transformation

7 out of 10 Board of Directors are certain that accelerating digital business initiatives is a number one priority, largely in response to the pandemic, however many doubts remain:

  • How to measure business value and productivity of digital initiatives?
  • Which costs are often not anticipated?
  • How much digital investment is enough?
  • How to maximize learnings from fast failure.
  • Unplanned opportunities discovered in-flight.

Zoom into this thought leadership discussion for Tech and business leaders, on navigating the successes and pitfalls of all things digital. From agile to cloud, investment strategies to metrics and business engagement, how organizations drive and demonstrate the value of tech investments and resources, and their impact on decision-making and business outcomes.

Watch if you want to:

  • Measure and communicate the financial and business impact of technology investments across on-premises, cloud, and development resources.
  • Get trusted, actionable insights by mapping technology costs and resources to measurable business outcomes.
  • Reduce risk and cost overruns and regain predictability and control over your technology portfolio.


  • Jack Bischof – VP of EMEA, Technology Business Management Council
  • Markus Rautert – Senior Vice President Technology Enablement, adidas
  • Hillevi Agranius – Vice President, Finance & Performance, Securitas Group


Que vous ayez besoin d’aide pour analyser le coût réel du cloud, optimiser vos dépenses informatiques ou communiquer LA valeur commerciale générée pour l’entreprise, Apptio peut vous aider.