Apptio for Manufacturing Services

A staggering 80% of manufacturers anticipate a financial impact to the supply chain due to COVID-19, and 36% are already facing supply chain disruptions. The post-pandemic manufacturing industry will not look the same, and IT leaders have to prepare for that. CIOs need to focus on re-planning their budgets and learn how to make critical investment decisions quickly to support business operations. Technology Business Management (TBM), a framework that defines the tools, processes, data, and people allows IT leaders to reset financial plans, support new business goals, and better communicate the impact of IT decisions back to the business.

Download this solution brief to learn how the Apptio TBM Unified Model® (ATUM®) can optimize IT so you can safeguard operational excellence and improve margins.


Que vous ayez besoin d’aide pour analyser le coût réel du cloud, optimiser vos dépenses informatiques ou communiquer LA valeur commerciale générée pour l’entreprise, Apptio peut vous aider.