Gagan Singh - March 05, 2018

State of Cloud 2018 - A Data Science Team’s View of the World

Amazon Web Services (AWS) started offering cloud services in 2006. The effort was initially deemed a fringe effort that would never be adopted by enterprises. What began as a quiet effort to empower the developer community has now become a tsunami that is upending industries as well as business models, offering greater power in the hands of customers and unleashing an era of innovation. Over the last couple of years, additional major players such as Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, IBM BlueMix etc. have joined the fray, which has resulted in an exponential increase in the number of services being offered by cloud providers and has presented customers with a dizzying array of options to choose from.

For the last eight years, Cloudability has had a front row seat to the disruptive power of the cloud and has witnessed the spectacular growth, as well as the challenges, related to the cloud journey. During this timeframe, we have empowered enterprises as well cloud-native companies to succeed in their cloud journey. Success in the cloud requires a different thought process, born out of the utility model offered by the cloud where you are charged for the services being consumed, regardless of efficiency. We have observed and empowered companies to master the cloud. Organizations that truly understand True Cost and the potential for unit economics can fully realize the potential of cloud enabling them to succeed wildly and upend their respective industries.

Cloudability’s founders always believed that cloud infrastructure is a data science problem and built a True Cost platform that scaled to the demands of the cloud and helped deliver True Cost financial and operational metrics to organizations. To deliver on this promise, Cloudability securely stores billions of dollars in managed cloud spend worth of customer billing and millions of data points of usage data.

As the pace of cloud service offerings continues to grow, so does the rate of adoption. Increased adoption has provided us a big data sample to analyze. Cloudability’s Data Science team decided to leverage this cohort data to compile a report filled with data-driven insights and trends. The insights derived are based on the rich data analysis feasible only with a solution like ours. During this analysis, several critical questions emerged:  

  • What have we learned about the cloud adoption journey and how to make it more seamless?
  • What do we see for the changing landscape of cloud as it evolves?
  • Where are current cloud trends headed?
  • What are some of the most surprising data points that we uncovered from this information?

The answers to these questions excited us and we shared them not only in our groundbreaking State of the Cloud 2018 report, but also in our State of the Cloud 2018 webinar with Cloudability CTO, Erik Onnen, which you can receive a recording of here.

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